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The Games and sports Department

mr. nicodemus ngangaR. Omondi Otieno H.O.D. Games.Games and sports play a vital role in shaping the overall development of an institution. From improving physical fitness to promoting social skills, there are several reasons why institutions should prioritize games and sports.

One of the most obvious reasons why games and sports are essential is that it promotes physical fitness. Engaging in physical activities like running, jumping, and playing sports helps to develop strong bones, muscles, and improves overall health.

Games and sports are a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. In an institution like ours Moi High School - Kabarak, students face various academic and personal challenges, which can cause stress and anxiety. Engaging in sports or games provides an outlet for students to release their stress and focus on something positive. It helps to develop mental toughness and resilience, which are essential life skills. Sports and games also promote social skills and teamwork. In team sports like basketball, soccer, or volleyball, players must work together and communicate effectively to achieve their goals.

For instance recently at our Sub–County games held in Kabarak, our Boys Basketball team Made us proud by winning All their Matches to be Crowned the Sub-County Champions in Basketball. They beat Mamangina Boys 52 – 12, Rongai Boys 42 – 11 and “Whitewashed” Kirobon Boys in the finals 40 – 27. A big Thank you to Mr. Bingerwa and Madam Andesia in steering the team to such a wonderful performance.

I wish to also pay special tribute to our swimming team for having qualified for the next level. Our Athletes, Mercy Chepkoech, Debra Tonui, Morgan Kiprono Calvin Odete and Destayan Masika congratulate you too for having made it through in a highly contested athletics meet. Additionally, playing sports helps students to develop social skills like cooperation, communication, and empathy.

Another important benefit of games and sports is that it teaches students about the importance of discipline and hard work. To excel in sports, students must practice regularly, follow a healthy diet, and maintain a disciplined routine. This helps to instill a sense of discipline and hard work, which are essential life skills that can be applied in other areas of their lives. Games and sports also provide a sense of community and belonging. When students participate in sports teams or clubs, they feel a sense of belonging and connection to their institution. This helps to create a positive environment where students feel valued and supported. It also helps to create a sense of camaraderie among students, which promotes a healthy and positive school culture. Finally, games and sports provide opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills.

Apart from the coaches who are on the ground with the teams, I wish to recognize in a special way All my Deputies;- Madam Susan Ekai, Mr. Anton Charles, Betty Kangogo, Richard Mwai, Zephaniah Kibowen, Philemon Bett and Oscar Awuor H.O.S Physical Education.

Members of Games Department
Members of Games Department

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