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Student Leadership

Student leadership plays a crucial role in any academic institution and Moi High School Kabarak is no exception. The school has a reputation for producing outstanding leaders who have gone on to excel on both national and international levels. The school operates under the philosophy of developing well-rounded students and cultivates leadership qualities in students across all grades. 

At Moi High School Kabarak, the student leadership structure is hierarchical, with the highest position being held by the head boy and head girl. These positions are highly coveted and competitive, with students vying for these positions through a rigorous process that involves interviews, written tests, and leadership evaluations. Once elected, the head boy and the head girl become the custodians of the school's values and mission, ensuring that every student upholds them. They also represent the school at national and international events and are expected to be role models for their peers.

Below the head boy and head girl are prefects who are responsible for maintaining discipline and order in the school. These prefects are selected based on their exemplary behavior, academic performance, and leadership skills. The prefects are distributed across different departments such as academics, co-curricular activities, health, and sanitation. They are led by the senior prefect who acts as a liaison between the students and the school administration.

Apart from the school-wide leadership roles, students can also take up leadership positions at the class level. Each class has a class captain who is responsible for organizing class activities and ensuring that there is cooperation among the students. Class captains are expected to be proactive, creative, and able to create an inclusive environment where every student feels valued and appreciated.

To prepare students for leadership roles, Moi High School Kabarak offers various leadership training programs. Students participate in leadership conferences, seminars, and workshops to develop skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and decision-making. These programs aim to build confidence in students, enhance their leadership abilities, and prepare them for future leadership roles in school, career and society.

Moi High School Kabarak takes leadership development seriously, and it is evident in the elaborate student leadership structure in place. Every student is encouraged to participate in leadership activities and given the opportunity to develop these skills. Through their leadership roles and training, Moi High School Kabarak students are well-equipped to make a positive impact on the world.

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March 2023 Edition