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Admission Criteria

Admission to Moi High School Kabarak is highly competitive, and prospective students must meet the set criteria to be considered. The admission process takes place in three stages, and each stage has its unique requirements. Admission begins immediately after K.C.P.E results are released.  

The first stage involves the application process, where students submit their application forms, a copy of their birth certificate, transcripts or report cards from their previous schools, and any other relevant documents. These documents are then scrutinized, and only those who meet the minimum academic qualifications proceed to the next stage.

The second stage is the aptitude test, and all eligible students are invited to take this test. The test aims at evaluating the students' cognitive abilities, language proficiency, and mathematical skills. The test is set by the school's examination board and is usually taken within the school's facilities.

The final stage is a panel interview, whereby the shortlisted students are called for an interview with the school's admissions committee. The interview aims at evaluating the students' life skills, character, and potential. The panel considers factors such as the student's academic achievements, extra-curricular activities, community service, and leadership skills.

The school's admissions committee makes the final decision based on the three stages of the admission process. Successful applicants are then notified, and they can proceed to pay their admission fee and finalize their admission process.


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