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Clubs & Societies

mr. nicodemus ngangaMr. Ezekiel Chemase, H.o.D – Clubs and Societies.A club is an association of people united by a common interest or goal. It brings together like-minded people for the purpose of individual or collective growth and development in a particular area. A society on the other hand is a group of persons associated together by a common interest or purpose, united by a common vow, holding the same belief or opinion.

In conformity with the policy of the Ministry of Education Science and Technology to award schools in non-academic areas, Moi High school Kabarak takes center stage in achieving this.

Our school has 26 active clubs, 4 movements and 1 society. The school has set aside every Wednesday from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm for club activities and meetings. This is when club meetings are held under the guidance and supervision of various patrons. All the students are encouraged to join at least two clubs: one academic and the other non-academic club based on their interests. The aim is to nurture their talents and interests which will serve to elevate them to their rightful places in after-school life and set them on the path of success, fulfillment and happiness.

In doing this, strict observance of the school rules, the laws of the land and the societal moral expectations are adhered to at all times to ensure that the school remains a safe and conducive place for learning and growth according to our mission of Holistic development of the learner and that at the end of it all, the students become responsible citizens who will take Kenya and the world at large to the next level of glory and success.

The main aims of the clubs and societies include: To educate, stimulating thinking, doing research for knowledge and information, entertaining, developing creativity, rendering services to oneself and society, providing an avenue for socialization, helping students grow spiritually and morally, and to help them develop and exploit their gifts and talents. In clubs such as Science, Drama, Music, Debate and many more, patrons have found it easy to grow and guide students in co-curricular activities. Our school has continuously excelled exemplarily well in club-related activities and competitions both nationally and internationally. Our school has and will continue participating in both national and international competitions and activities through the clubs which include Wildlife, President’s award Scheme, Mathematics, World Scholars, Chess, Red Cross, St John’s Ambulance and Science clubs among others.

It is the department’s aim to build a strong economic and politically righteous, just, fair and cohesive society in a clean and secure environment in line with the vision 2030 pillars.

The academic clubs are; Math, Science, Music, French, German, History, Aviation, ICT, Debate, Young Farmers, Art, CHAKIKA, Cookery, Geography and Book clubs. While the non-academic clubs are; Straight Talk, Environmental, Photography, Chill, Journalism, President’s Award, Wildlife, Drama, Tennis, Chess and World Scholars. The movements are Scouts, Rangers, St John Ambulance and Red Cross.

We have one society in our School; Christian Union. We greatly appreciate our school management through the leadership of our Chief Principal for the great support given to Clubs and Societies activities.

2019 World Scholars Club members in Spain with their Patrons
2019 World Scholars Club members in Spain with their Patrons
St. John’s Club members leaders
St. John’s Club members leaders

Moi High School Kabarak offers a wide range of clubs and societies to cater to its students’ diverse interests and talents. Each club and society has its unique benefits, providing students with practical skills, exposure, and opportunities to explore their interests and talents, making them well-rounded individuals.

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